Handheld Overall Vibrometter

Hansford Sensors Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of accelerometers for monitoring vibration and temperature levels of industrial machinery. Intrinsically safe hansfordAC and 4-20 mA versions are available with ATEX and lECEx certification for approved use in Group I (Mining) and Group III (Petrochemical). Hansford Sensors Ltd. also supply multi-sensor switch boxes, vibration sensor modules, portable vibration meters, accessories for sensors, vibration condition monitoring protection systems and custom built vibration sensors.

  • Portablevibration_meter_kit
  • Velocity & Bearing Condition
  • Temperature measurement
  • Conforms to ISO 10816-3
  • Re-chargeable battery
  • Mains or in-car charger
  • Sensor/cable fault indicator
  • Display hold function
  • Choice of metric of imperial measurement

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UE Systems

UE Systems has produced thousands of economically designed portable, and incredibly accurate downloadairborne/structure borne ultrasonic instruments. Used primarily for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection, these instruments have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in premature failure detection, elimination of downtime, increased productivity, and overall replacement costs.

Ultraprobe Series

ueUE Systems has been recognized as the worldwide leader in the technology of airborne ultrasound. Allow us to support your predictive maintenance program with the tools, techniques, training, and resources you require to satisfy all of your plant maintenance goals.

 UE Systems provides a verity of Ultraprobes used for Acoustic Emission testing e.g.ue2

  • Ultraprobe 100 SC
  • Ultraprobe 201 (Caddy Grease Gun)ue3
  • Ultraprobe 2000
  • Ultraprobe 3000
  • Ultraprobe 9000
  • Ultraprobe 10000
  • Ultraprobe 15000


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YXLON is an innovative High-Tech company, rich in great traditions. Founded in 1954,

YXLON International is the direct successor to:Yxlon_Logo_220

  • ANDREX (Copenhagen)
  • Philips Industrial X-Ray (Germany)
  • LumenX (USA/Ohio)
  • Smart EVO Series (Copenhagen)


Avatec Power

Avatec Power is the world’s leading supplier of secondary power solutions, providing and ensuring contionuous electrical Supply. logo_avatec_power


Industrial UPS Systems:

product-ups-np2031-largeIndustrial and Standard UPS are designed with GBT Power Conversion Brodge Microprocessor control, and LCD panel, Output rating: 110/220/400 VDC, 5 KVA-800 KVA. These are classified as

  • On Line Double conversion Single & Three Phase
  • Single & Three Phase line Interactive


Rectifier / Battery Charger:

Industrial heavy duty Rectifier/Battery Charger is designed for all applications requiring DC Power supply. Output rating: 12/24/30/110/220/500 VDC. 50 Amp-1200 Amp- Analogue & Microprocessor control.



Industrial Inverters are designed for critical applications that require stable AC power Supply. Input rating: 110/220/440 VDC. Output rating: Single Phase or Three Phase 5KVA-800KVA.


Switch Mode Rectifier:product-switch-mode-rectifier-05-large

Modular Switch Mode Rectifiers are specifically designed to recharge all type of stationary batteries for Telecom, Marine and petrochemical, Available rating are 24/48/110/220 VDC.


Load bank:

product-loadbank-bd-12-24v-series-largeLoad banks are devices with dummy loads, specifically designed for battery discharge testing or testing of power sources such as battery charges, uninterrupted power systems or generators. We offer load banks with ratings from 24V-500 V for DC applications, & 100 KW- 600 KW for AC applications.


Solar Energy Solutions:

Solar Panel from Avatec can be installed in many sizes from home to industrial system and can be used for tropical to desert environments.

  • Polycrystalline Silicon Panel
  • String Ribbon Silicon Panel
  • Amorphous Silicon Panel


Batteries avatec2

  • Nickel Candmium Battery
  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery (VARLA)
  • Vented Lead Acid Battery


 Batteries Rackproduct-racks-cladded-med

  • Single Tier Rack
  • Multi Tier Rack
  • Customized Rack

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Infrared Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to “see” and “measure” thermal energy emitted from an object. Thermal, or infrared energy, is light that is not visible because its wavelength isimages too long to be detected by the human eye; it’s  the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we perceive as heat. Unlike visible light, in the infrared world, everything with a temperature above absolute zero emits heat. Even very cold objects, like ice cubes, emit infrared.





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