Advance Condition Monitoring

Advance Condition Monitoring

"Optimize your plant maintenance activities via implementing state of the art Advance Condition monitoring techniques with IMMUSCO"
Industrial stability is driven by the enhanced machinery availability to meet the production targets. IMMUSCO experts help in analyzing the equipment health while in operation to understand and plan the maintenance procedures accordingly. Advance Condition monitoring goes one step ahead in ensuring equipment reliability by timely diagnosing the troublesome machinery for its critical parameters

Advance Condition Monitoring Techniques

IMMUSCO provides complete plant integrity assessment solution via implementing following technologies:

Vibration Analysis

Over the years vibration monitoring and trending has evolved as a prominent source of Advance condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. Every rotating and reciprocating machinery is studied for its baseline acceptable vibration limits upon commissioning and then trended over standard deviations measured in a scheduled vibration data acquisition and monitoring. Plant maintenance activities shift from preventive to proactive by timely addressing the vibration diagnostics, and thus enabling a reliable operation.

Vibration Diagnostics

With the help of state of the art vibration analyzers and internationally trained professional, IMMUSCO helps in identifying following major issues related to industrial machinery:

1. Structural looseness
2. Rotating looseness
3. Resonance
4. Unbalance
5. Pump cavitation
3. Misalignment
4. faults Soft Footing
5. Flow turbulence

Infrared Thermography

Asset health assessment is performed through temperature data analysis via utilizing world class diverse range of infrared thermal imaging cameras. Changes in temperature of a body is monitored through non-contact thermal imaging, which produced a contoured plot of the captured image with a readable scale of temperature gradients. IRT industrial applications include:

1. Transformers
2. Heat ducts
3. Motors
4. Electrical Panels
5. Wall seepages
6. Circuit breakers

Ultrasonic Acoustic Emission Testing

Pneumatic valves and compressed air/gas supply systems are analyzed for Leakages through non-contact leakage detection procedure by utilizing an ultrasonic acoustic signal analyzer. Furthermore, a contact module enables the instrument to measure performance drops in the steam traps and valves.

Field Balancing and Laser Alignment

IMMUSCO's Providers field as well as workshop balancing facilities as per ISO Standard though its qualified inspectors decide this IMMUSCO also perfume Alignment jobs and have specialty in cooling tower balancing and alignment.