Magnetic Flux Leakage


Improving Inspection Through Technology IMMUSCO offers the latest in NDE equipment for tank bottom inspection including the Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) bottom scanners. MFL bottom scanning is also known as MFL (Magnetic Flux Exclusion/Evaluation). MFL is the “best” method to evaluate a tank bottom condition quickly and cost effectively. IMMUSCO’s inspection reports generate a full fingerprint of the tank bottom. These reports include on which side the defect is located; and by using an x,y coordinate system, indicate specific positions on the individual plate, and its depth and remaining plate thickness. These features give the tank owner/operator a powerful, cost-effective tool to highlight all of the areas requiring repair, usually key factors in establishing corrosion rates and next inspection intervals for API Standard 653

Key Benefits Provided by IMMUSCO’’s Inspection Services with the Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Include:
    • Quick and Cost Effective and Requires no Couplant thus
        is a “Dry Application”
    • Steerable Fast Motor Driven Scanner
    • Features “Stop on Defect” Functionality
    • Ruggedized Touch Screen Technology for Ease of Use Within
        the Storage Tank Environment
    • Available with the Full Sized MFL Scanner and/or with the
        Smaller Motorized MFL Mini-Scanner and MFL Manual Scanner


The MFL MARK IV system is designed to:

    • Detect and size conical corrosion type defects
    • Operate on plate thickness range from 6mm to 12.7 mm
    • Mapping mode records and stores the estimated percentage
        loss indications and their location per plate.
    • Maximum coating thickness “up to ½ in” (6 mm).
    • Real time display with A-Scan with LED signal response &
        C-Scan with bird eye to locate defect location.
    • Encoder with speed tracer
    • Tank drawing creation takes less than 10 minutes.
    • Easy reporting feature by export data to USB at any time during scanning.
    • Lightweight scanner only 30 KG including battery.
    • Hot swappable batteries with full charging in 30 minutes
    • adjustable handle for critical area scanning
    • Advance military spec. cable connector

IMMUSCO performs MFL scan through world best mark IV scanner

  • On storage tank bottoms for all industries: upstream, mid-stream, petrochemical, refineries
    • To identify soil and product side metal losses, pitting and general corrosion

Our Solution:

    IMMUSCO provides NDT services to Ensure that the product is Flawless & manufactured according to all the quality requirements. Shutdowns are essential activity for the health of plant therefore its maintenance & inspection should ensure the quality & safety checks here IMMUSCO can assist you. IMMUSCO provides Pre-service & material verification Inspection by using Non-Destructive Inspection tools.