Engine diagnostics and purpose


Following diagnostics will be performed on Engine by using Wind rock 6320 Analyzer:
• Leaking valves and rings, Worn or Scored Liners
• Defective Fuel Injection valves
• Ignition System deficiencies
• Intake/Exhaust Port or Bridge Wear
• Worn or defective valve train Components
• Turbo charger Defects
• Damaged Bearings Identifications
• Damaged Connecting Rods and wrist pins
• Jacket Water and lube oil pump faults
• Excessive Frame Vibration
• Foundation or Grout Damage
• Engine Oil Test
• Peak Firing Pressure Imbalance (If Pressure Indicators Keene valves are available)
• Horsepower Discrepancies (If Pressure Indicators Keene valves are available)
• Infrared Temperature Readings of each cylinders


The purpose of Windrock inspection includes,
• Evaluate performance
• Maximize Machine Efficiency
• Maximize Valve Life
• Maximize Throughput to Horsepower Ratio
• Research and Development
• Economic Evaluation
• Evaluate mechanical condition On-Condition Maintenance
• Insure Reliability and Safety
• Evaluate PM program
• Reduction of Maintenance Costs
• Less Downtime and Lost Production
• Attempt to “Warrant” no Catastrophic Breakdown between Analyses.