Industrial Fan Inspection


Vibration Monitoring is a key condition monitoring technology. It detects a large range of defects in rotating machinery, as well as providing diagnostic capability. Portable products allow you to measure many machines, ranging from a simple vibration meter to a multichannel diagnostic analyzer. Following test are performed to diagnose the Industrial Fan’ health

We can help you

• Vibration Analysis with EMERSON Health Analyzers CSI-2130 & 2140
• Balancing of industrial fans with CSI Balancing Kits.
• Lube Oil Analysis (LOA)
• Wear Particles/Debris Analysis (WDA)
• Infrared Thermography with Flir E-series Cameras • Ultrasonic Analysis with UE System UE-9000 & UE-15000
• Visual Inspection


• To increase the equipment health and performance
• To enhance the quality
• To increase profitability
• To increase the productivity