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BIO TECH Energy Pvt Ltd.

Bio Tech's Bio Diesel refinery is a second-generation multi-feedstock refinery, producing Bio Diesel to EN14214 standard, capable of processing waste oils with up to 100% FFA and 600ppm sulfur. The plant's production capacity of bio diesel is 45,000 Metric Tons per annum and is currently running at 90% utilization.

Immusco Oil-Field Equipment LLC (Service Company)

Immusco Oil Field Equipment Pakistan is a reliable and trusted name in Plant Automation, Non-Destructive Testing & Plant Condition Monitoring. Immusco has evolved into a major Country enterprise, providing a wide range of electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical Products catering the industrial need.

In Bio Tech Energy our capable team provides service of

• Permanent Tagging’s of rotary equipment’s
• AMS suite data-base creation of rotary equipment’s.
• Alignment Job performed on 102 rotary equipment’s.
• Vibration Analysis of all rotary equipment’s.
• Permanent Tagging of Electric Panels.
• Infrared Thermography of Electric Panels.