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Dewan Cement Ltd

Dewan Cement Ltd. (DCL) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and a name of trust in the production of high-quality cement. DCL has a capacity of more than 2,880,000 tons per annum from two separate manufacturing units, comprising of Pakland Cement Ltd., and Saadi Cement Ltd.

Immusco Oil Field Equipment LLC

Immusco Oil Field Equipment Pakistan is a reliable and trusted name in Plant Automation, Non-Destructive Testing & Plant Condition Monitoring. Immusco has evolved into a major Country enterprise, providing a wide range of electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical Products catering the industrial need.

In Dewan Cement Ltd our capable team provides service of

• Field Balancing.
• Eccentric components, Incorrect Assembly, Voids in castings, Wear & corrosion, Thermal distortion, Foreign matter, Structural damage and Lose parts.
• By using Field Balancing techniques such as Graphic Vector Method, balancing with a Strobe and Influence Coefficient Method, we can reduce operating costs by energy savings from reduced power consumption.
• By prolonging life of bearings and other components,
• By maintenance savings in spare parts and labor.
• By increasing product quality and by decreasing downtime